Last night I conducted a little research into free/opensource UML diagramming tools for Windows.  I've done this search a few times during the past several years and have tried a variety of the top-dogs.  The best one I can recall was ArgoUML but it's UI behaved so annoyingly unpredictable that I ended up ditching it … Continue reading StarUML

New Orleans

This is the area where, over night last night, some individual(s) spent approximately $700 of my money.  At a Wal-Mart, a Popeye's Chicken, and a Shell gas station. This morning I received a call from my bank, saying they wanted to validate some suspicious activity on my debit card.  The gentleman mentioned they were from … Continue reading New Orleans

1 Year

Today marks a year since I started regularly exercising.  Every weekday after work I'm in my basement lifting, with very few exceptions (which has been a pleasant surprise).  Now that the weather is turning nice, we'll be able to get our bikes out and get back into that routine too. Wooo!

New Curtains!

Ana just finished making the new Roman Shades for the office, and they look phenomenal. Have a look, clicking goes to the gallery. A couple weeks ago, she also made the new curtains for our family room. Way to go Ana, they look awesome!