Software Idea part 2

Ok folks, you can all stop your typing and/or compiling.  Mr. Scott Fenstermacher has heeded the call (unexpectedly, I might add since it was a wish-list item type of thing) and delivered a perfect little utility for this very thing.

In summary, or in case you are too lazy to scroll down 2 posts and read, I wanted an application that would allow me to stop/start groups of services without having to do them manually.  Scott’s solution involves a piece of Windows/ IE technology that I’ve never knowingly used and definitely never written before: the HTML Application.  It just goes to show there’s always more than one way to skin a cat – I was imagining hopping into Visual Studio for a little while to create a little C#/WinForms app.
Thanks Scott, it’s much appreciated.

For those interested, I present
Next, I would really like a little application that obfuscates .NET code, that can be run from command line,  provides control flow obfuscation, renaming, stack trace interpretation, string encryption,…  😉  Scott?





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