New Orleans

This is the area where, over night last night, some individual(s) spent approximately $700 of my money.  At a Wal-Mart, a Popeye’s Chicken, and a Shell gas station.

This morning I received a call from my bank, saying they wanted to validate some suspicious activity on my debit card.  The gentleman mentioned they were from Louisiana and were from yesterday.  Well, Ana was in Louisiana for the past two days, so I thought nothing of it and said things were just fine.  I was stupid, didn’t ask for a dollar amount or anything, he just mentioned in passing that Wal-mart was involved.

Something was nagging at me so I called Ana and asked if she had bought anything down there at Wal-Mart and she said she hadn’t.   Uh oh.  I called the bank back and talked with him more and learned that around $700 had been spent in total and that they were now closing my card.

I just had to sign a few papers and should be getting a new card in a couple days.

Oh, what fun.






3 responses to “New Orleans”

  1. Dave Avatar

    Check card or credit card?


  2. EJ Avatar

    Check card.


  3. EJ Avatar

    Just an update – I have been refunded the money as of this morning. Would have been sooner but the paperwork was lost in transport (read: banker forgot to fax them) last week.


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