Current Book

I am reading Code Complete, 2nd Edition (great Valentine's Day gift Ana! 😉 and must say that it's much better and far more interesting than I expected it to be. I thought of it as being one of those books that you just have to read, but would probably be a chore to do so. … Continue reading Current Book


Here we sit at Panera this beautiful Sunday morning.  Knowing the time change was coming, we went to bed a little earlier than usual and got a good night's rest.   As the alarm went off, I looked at the time on my clock (one of those fancy, auto-setting clocks) and then at Ana's (another fancy, … Continue reading DST

Computer Parts II

As a follow up, my new computer is together and running.  We didn't really run into any issues, other than Microsoft's phone activation for XP being "down for maintenance" on Friday night. The plan was to use my new video card alongside a rather old one of mine (MX440) so I could continue using 3 … Continue reading Computer Parts II