I’ve used FireFox for a few years now and have been quite happy with it.  It was always faster, had better features than IE, and was very stable.

I’m about this close (forming a gap about an inch wide with my index finger and thumb) to dropping FireFox and going back to IE. Why?  FireFox has been crashing left and right on me and it’s really pissing me off.  I realize I’m running Vista on 2/3 of the machines I use daily, but it’s even crashing once a day or two on my XP machine at work.

Take last night, for instance.  I was filling out a form online (a Google one) and I hit Enter on the keyboard.  BOOM.  FireFox died and took 3 or 4 wizard pages of data entry with it.  Nobody should have to think about their browser before entering data into forms online, but that’s exactly what I’ve been doing lately.

Now that IE7 has the tabs and seems to be pretty fast, I’m wondering why I’m still sticking with FireFox.  It may not be that way for long…






4 responses to “FireFox”

  1. EJ Avatar

    Perfect, the inline search is the one last feature that I love that FireFox has but IE didn’t.


  2. David Rasch Avatar

    99% of the time, firefox crashes due to bad extensions. I don’t know if this is the case for you….


  3. EJ Avatar

    Yeah I’ve definitely had my share of extension-related crashes in the past. But the recent ones have occurred on extensionless installs.


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