Chef 1.0

It has been a lot of work, but tonight I finished updating the website and released Version 1 of Chef Kitchen Management System. Give it a whirl and then tell others to try it too! Now it's on to the world of Google Analytics and AdWords ūüôā


I suck.¬† Today I went to add 1GB of RAM to my webserver that I just happened to have laying around.¬† I opened the case to find a single 256MB stick of RAM running the machine.¬† No wonder it has been slower than molasses! I apologize for being a software guy and forgetting that I … Continue reading 256MB.


Ok, so I have a question.  Which of the following domain names should I use as the main domain for Chef? I own all of the above, and will point them to whichever is the best to use as the main domain.

Chef and Vista

As I mentioned last night, I made the 1.0.0 build of Chef and started doing some installation testing on Vista. It's official - Vista's UAC is kicking my ass.¬†¬† It's during the database setup that I'm having the problem.¬† Sql Server gets installed OK, it's for some reason the database restore that times out. Kinda … Continue reading Chef and Vista


Any Vi fans out there like myself that spend their days in Visual Studio?¬† A couple years ago I looked around for a way to get Vi behavior in the Visual Studio editor, but came up empty handed. ¬† Then I was browsing around this morning and ViEmu for Visual Studio¬†appeared.¬† Finally!¬† I just installed … Continue reading Vi

Week Roundup

It has been a busy week. I'm sitting here waiting on the 1.0.0 build of Chef to complete so I can begin testing. 5 months ago I targeted April 1 as the release date, but I feel very good about have the code complete and starting thorough/final testing on that date. I've worked on the … Continue reading Week Roundup