Slow PC?

Last night I was in the middle of doing something on my computer when I realized that it was behaving quite sluggishly – it was even skipping when playing mp3s.  What the heck, I have a pretty good machine (Core 2 Duo, 2GB RAM), I thought.  Surely Vista isn’t bogging the system that much?!

Then I looked around on my 3 monitors and realized I was actually doing quite a bit of work: Burning 1000 files (4GB) to a DVD, burning a lightscribe DVD label, deleting 12GB from the hard drive, listening to music, and organizing photos in my Adobe Lightroom trial.  Yeaaaah, so with all that going on (plus the regular email, IM, etc.), it’s no wonder that the machine got a little slow.

With my computer setups at work and home (dual core, multi-monitor), it’s all to easy to forget that you’re taxing the system.





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