With just a few hours remaining in July, I'm happy to report that this month saw my first several sales of Chef. It's interesting how that very first sale made me feel - just a couple days prior I had been asked by a few people if I had sold any. At that time, it … Continue reading July


Due to an internet connection mishap and some resulting downtime over the past two days here at home, I decided it's time to upgrade my hosting account and move my Chef website to it.  No longer is it running out of my basement.

Kudos HP

Last night I decided to start burning the recovery DVDs for the new HP computer in our kitchen, but the burn kept failing on writing/verifying disc 1.  After several attempts and ruined DVDs, I hopped online and spent 15 minutes chatting with an HP support rep; restore DVDs are en route to my house.  Thanks … Continue reading Kudos HP

Chef PC!

The day has finally arrived. We have a "Chef PC" in our kitchen! This is the HP Touchsmart IQ770. That's right, it's a 19" widescreen, touchscreen, all-in-one desktop running Windows Vista Home Premium and Microsoft Media Center. We first saw it Friday night at Office Depot, and today they had it on sale for $300 … Continue reading Chef PC!