I think I have mentally committed to stop using Mozilla Thunderbird for email.  There, I said it.  And honestly, I’m a little sad.

Here are the top reasons why I’m going to switch, in no particular order:

1) Lack of an integrated calendar.   Seriously, I’ve waited for what, 4+ years now?  You can’t call Sunbird viable either, it’s at version .5 and sucked about 2 months ago when I tried it…again.

2)Lack of integrated todo lists and notes.  I’m tired of having crap strewn all over the place that I’m trying to keep track of.

3) This goes for FireFox too, because it gets on my nerves too.  I really like the ability they both have for extensions/plugins.  They’re a great feature.  However, I can never let myself really “depend” on an extension because as soon as a new version of Thunderbird/Firefox is released, they inevitably don’t work (aren’t upgraded).  So I’m left with a basic email client lacking the features I wanted from the extensions.

4) Lack of an address book.  This has more to do with a shared address book that I can use between my desktop and laptop.  Tired of it. It has resulted in me having no address book whatsoever, and simply remembering (or trying to remember) email addresses that I need.  Not to mention physical home addresses.

5)  Thunderbird freaks out.  It hasn’t happened in a little while, but often it will download thousands of duplicate messages.  That then requires me to get a plugin to delete dups.  See #3 regarding plugins.  Also, every so often, my inbox will show that it’s completely empty due to some corruption.  Thanks, but no thanks, I want my email where I left it.  The internet tells me that I should compact my inbox(es) every so often to avoid the corruption and there are plugins to do it periodically.  See #3 regarding plugins.

6) I really miss the days of a single pst file to get backed up.   As such, I haven’t backed up my email in… 4+ years.  Nice.

7) I’d rather pay for an email client that I’m happy with than kludge one together, that I’m not as happy with, with extensions and add-ons.

I was writing this out in hopes that I’d convince myself not to drop it.  But I think it has solidified even more.

Outlook 2007 here I come.






3 responses to “Thunderbird”

  1. EJ Avatar

    8) The fact that I’m wasting my time debating this is driving me mad.


  2. Dave Avatar


    I hear Google has solutions for all of those issues. 🙂


  3. EJ Avatar

    Yeah, call me crazy but I don’t want google to have ALL of my stuff. 🙂


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