Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone! Ana decorated the house quite nicely and in a manner fitting her Black Widow costume.  Teresa and Robert brought Emily by before she went out for some candy, she looked great in her Elmo costume. Katherine came over (also in costume) and helped feed the hungry trick-or-treaters.  Ana wouldn't have been able … Continue reading Happy Halloween!


Today we met with the hematologist Ana has been seeing since her hospital visit. She had a blood test run and it came back at 27,000. "Not good, but OK" according to the doctor. We continued talking with him and asked explicitly about what would happen if she needs to give birth and her platelets … Continue reading Hematologist


CWLP (City Water, Light & Power for those not from Springfield) was giving tours today of the new coal power plant which is under construction. My parents, Ana and I went and found it to be pretty cool (surprise, surprise!) and I'm glad they opened it up to the public. Construction is supposed to take … Continue reading CWLP Tour