We’re staring at the last few drops of the IVIG dripping one by one. Just a few more minutes….

Let me take this time to describe the wonderful view outside this room. It’s dark, dreary and rainy. Scanning from left to right, 9 floors up, we have: the hospital parking garage, the red EMergENCY room sign (“erg” aren’t lit up), the 9th street entrance under construction and blocked off, the big old abandoned Pillsbury plant, an enormous puddle-filled parking lot, the Carol Jo Vecchie center with their nice rooms, lots of air conditioning units atop a roof, the unused medical incinerator smokestack, and finally the power plant construction at CWLP.

I can’t see Smokey Bones from here… that’s a shame. We’ll be there soon for some dinner and some SWEET TEA!






4 responses to “Almost…”

  1. EJ Avatar

    Great timing, I just finished typing up those awesome observations and the IV machine started beeping, indicating it’s done and we should be able to leave!


  2. David Rasch Avatar

    So sorry to hear about your repeat trip to the hospital. We’re thinking about all three of you!


  3. Scott Avatar

    Yuck, as if pregnancy isn’t enough fun in the last trimester. Keep your spirits up, Ana!


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