Here we are again..

This morning, Ana had a scheduled blood test (due to our last hospital stay) that came back quite unfavorably with her platelet counts at 7,000.  So they had her come into the hospital to get another platelet transfusion as well as a dosage of IVIG.

This is the outpatient floor of the hostpital so they are insisting that we’ll be out of here tonight.  It’ll be a while though – she’s currently getting her platelets infused at a rate that will take 2 hours; following that will be the IVIG that will take another 3 hours.

We haven’t really spoken to any doctors, which is pretty annoying.  This has all been handed down by one, obviously, through the various nurses.

She’s not in the comfortable Carol Jo Vecchie center, so the rooms aren’t nearly as comfortable and she’s got a roommate.  Keep checking back for updates, I have a nice broadband connection here in the room thanks to Jay.






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