Baptism Today

This morning David was Baptized at our church, Little Flower.  Photos are up. Ana, David, and I thank all of the wonderful family and friends that attended - you made the day. * Church photos courtesy of Brian since I had my hands full and couldn't get behind the camera myself;  thanks Brian.


Ana gave me a compound miter saw for Christmas, so I can now attempt a few projects around the house like crown molding.  I've never really been very good at building things, but I suspect that's mostly because I: 1) just don't try to often and 2) never have the appropriate tools. So, needless to say, … Continue reading Project

A Thousand Words

Merry Christmas everyone! For Christmas eve, Ana and I spent the evening at my parents' with my sister's family.  It was a lot of fun, we all had a good time.   I really like this picture from the evening, it kinda captures the chaos and fun of the gathering.  I laugh every time I look … Continue reading A Thousand Words


Well, it seems that I'm normal and my ITP was pregnancy induced. We made our second outing for my first post hospital blood count today and I am at 110,000 for my platelet levels. The low end of normal, but still normal. I think we may have also forgotten to mention that David had his … Continue reading Cured!