An Open Letter to Jessica Long

The following is an email I sent today to Jessica Long, Justin’s wife.

 Dear Jessica,

Are you familiar with the Christmas story A Charlie Brown Christmas? Do you remember the tree in the story? Everyone but Charlie Brown hated it, and they hated him for getting it. But Charlie ignored all of the hatred and treated it with love and compassion. If you recall the ending of the story, everyone came around and loved the tree. It was truly a great story.

Now, I realize that you have come to love the POD Tree. But seriously, it’s the POD Tree. Not the Booth Tree. Give it back.





One response to “An Open Letter to Jessica Long”

  1. Justin Long Avatar
    Justin Long

    I never thought it would come to this, but stealing the Pod Tree may lead us to a nasty divorce. This is worse then adultery.


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