Most of you regular readers already know this, but today was my last day working at LRS.  The whole experience of ending employment vividly reminded me of handing in my last Final Exam in college, and getting ready for everything to change the following day.  I worked with a lot of great people during the … Continue reading Work


This Thursday marks the beginning of the next season of LOST!  It feels like it has been years since the last season ended, so it'll be good to watch the summary show the night before.  If you haven't been watching the show, it isn't too late to go rent the previous seasons and get them … Continue reading L O S T


With just over a day to go on the Poll to the right (The TV show ER: Should it stay or should it go?), it's 8-3 in favor of getting rid of it! Too bad I don't have any pull on the matter. This weekend I'm hoping to get version 1.3 of Chef posted on … Continue reading Tidbits