Redbox Movie Rental

Sunday evening I tried redbox for the first time.  For those unaware, redbox is a movie rental service centered around large red vending machine-like devices throughout the country.   You simply walk up, pick your movie, swipe your debit/credit card and you are given your selected DVD.  $1/day.  To return it, just go to any other redbox and deposit the dvd into the machine.

It’s simple and it worked.  What else can you ask for?  While the selection is limited, they did have a decent variety of new releases to choose from.  And the best part was not having to have a stupid membership just to rent (why can’t ALL video stores ditch the membership requirement already??)! 

 To summarize, redbox is good because:

  • Cheap ($1/day)
  • Quick to pick a movie
  • Quick to pay
  • No receipt to throw away
  • No membership/account signup
  • Quick drop-off, at any location
  • Cool cases for the DVDs (slots for their machines to hold, 2d barcodes to fascilitate tracking)

In the words of ebay customers the world over… #1 Seller, A++++++++ Transaction!!






12 responses to “Redbox Movie Rental”

  1. Bradjward Avatar

    Don’t forget I haven’t paid for a movie rental in nearly 6 months.


  2. EJ Avatar

    Awesome, I didn’t know about those. Thanks!


  3. robert Avatar

    have used a couple of times works great for brand new releases if you can get to a redbox buy 5 am they are usually in stock


  4. Dave Avatar

    Netflix is better.


  5. EJ Avatar

    No it isn’t.


  6. Dave Avatar

    Uh, yeah it is. All the titles you want, easy delivery and return, low cost, queue to manage what you’ve seen/not seen.

    Ergo, better.


  7. EJ Avatar

    Incase you didn’t read my summary, I wanted: Quick, No Fees, No signups, and cool cases.

    Netflix costs a monthly fee, which sucks because we only want to rent a movie once in a while.

    Netflix would make me wait a couple of days, which sucks because I want it now.

    Netflix requires an account, which sucks because I don’t want an account.

    I don’t know about the Netflix DVD cases, but I suspect they aren’t as cool as Redbox.

    For all of these reasons, redbox is better than netflix. Oh, and I meant to say Ergo somewhere in this post.


  8. Dave Avatar

    See, I think the fundamental problem is you don’t know what you want. 🙂 Or, you think you’ll be dissatisfied with Netflix when I think it would fit your parameters. You like the impulsiveness of the RedBox rental, but I think you would be happier with the overall Netflix service model.

    Netflix costs a monthly fee, but their lowest starts at $4.99. That’s two movies per month, but you can keep them as long as you like. That’s a lot of convenience for not too much money over the RedBox. (Given that you get a larger selection and auto-delivery.)

    The waiting isn’t bad, and there’s a shipping hub in Springfield (that’s where my movies go.) Send a movie early on Monday, I bet you’ll get the next one on Tuesday. I get mine on Wednesday. Plus the Queue is this magical thing that makes organization and priority easy. I think the control you would get over the movie selection and timing wins out over the marginal time delays.

    If you really need-it-now, Netflix does streaming movies, included free with your plan.

    You need an account, but you need one for this blog and I don’t see you complaining about that. You have an account with RedBox too — but they got the data off your card when you swiped it.

    Netflix envelopes ARE cool, because there’s tearing, folding and sticking involved! And if you’re really cool, you keep them in a Rentcaddy (



  9. Mark Avatar

    While I enjoy watching debates over Netflix vs. Blockbuster vs. RedBox, they all fundamentally miss the one thing that I love about renting movies: the employees. If you need a recommendation, ask them. If you want to know more than a box tells you, ask them. Friendly service is a plus, and the concessions help for a one-stop movie night. And besides, there’s an awesome feeling about thinking you’re ready to go, walking through the store to get to the counter, and passing an old classic movie (i.e. Ghostbusters). That’s where a majority of my movies come from–old movies I loved but never think to rent. So keep your newfangled services. I’m sticking with my Hollywood Video. 🙂


  10. maria reyes Avatar
    maria reyes

    disculpa no se si entiendas espanol pero yo rente una pelicula hoy y por alguna razon no me fue entregada pero al checar mi estado de cuenta la pelicula esta cobrada no se si me puedas ayudar


  11. EJ Avatar

    tú contacta RedBox.


  12. dlp Avatar

    ummmmm, are you doods, like getting a kickback from redbox, blockbuster and hollywood video?


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