Another Project

Here's this weekend's project, the white thing above the window...  more photos available. I also put Ana's shelves up, but we decided to put them in the office to match the new window feature.  

First Project

This weekend I used my new saw for something a bit more delicate than the workbench.  Decorative shelves for Ana's sewing room!  So they wouldn't look too crappy, I also had to buy a router this weekend (the non-electronic kind, who would have thought...).  I've never used one before but it turned out quite fine. … Continue reading First Project

How did they do that?

We're into month 2 of a writer's strike in Hollywood, but ER is STILL ON. A new episode aired last night. What's it going to take to kill this show? It's on something like its 30th season, isn't it?! Sure feels like it anyway.