Caught up

If you've felt a little"off" lateley (well, for nearly 2 years on average) have no fear. Today is Leap Day - the day where we get to make up for those pesky extra .25 days it takes the earth to revolve around the sun. What are you doing with your freebie?


I just read this little blurb about how Starbucks all over the country are closing their doors for 3 hours to reinvigorate the coffee passion and retrain their people.  I can see this sort of thing working in Seattle, where they are headquartered, where there might actually be some passion involved.   But was there ever … Continue reading Starbucks


Ana had her 2-week visit with the new hematologist, and her platelets levels were the same as they were 2 weeks ago so that apparently finally "proves" that prednisone isn't helping.  Glad it took 5 months for that to be clear. Anyway, she's going to start the weaning process - dropping her dosage 10mg/week while … Continue reading Prednisone


I've got nothin'.  So here's a picture.  Yep, we were coding. It's snowing again but I don't feel like shoveling.  But if I don't shovel we'll get that compact-snow-turned-to-ice tire track speedbumps in the driveway that won't melt until mid-August.