Happy Birthday Emily

My niece turns 2 today, happy birthday!






4 responses to “Happy Birthday Emily”

  1. Papa J Avatar
    Papa J

    Happy Birthday Emily!


  2. Aunt Kath Avatar
    Aunt Kath

    “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!”, Emily!
    I’m SOOO. . . sorry that I didn’t make it up there tonight. Not only was I looking forward to “the party girl,” but I was really looking forward to seeing Eric and Ana and meeting my new great nephew.
    Perhaps another time.
    Love you all.


  3. Teresa Avatar

    Thanks Eric and Ana for comming to the party for Emily. Thanks for the wonderful gifts. I know she will love them once she sits down long enough to play with them. Once again thanks for comming. I cannot believe she is 2 already. Time has flown.


  4. EJ Avatar

    Photos are up in the photo gallery.

    Aunt Kathy: I heard you made it part of the way; it was a good thing you turned around though, we drove on I-72 for 5 miles and it was miserable with the fog. At some points I think we were going 30mph because visibility was maybe 2/3 of a car length ahead.


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