Ana and I have been pretty big fans of the tv show Jericho since its pilot episode last year.  For the uninitiated, it's about a post-nuclear-attack United States, focused on a small town in Kansas' tribulations.  The show was dropped at the end of the season, but due to overwhelming fan support it was brought … Continue reading Jericho

Dwight, meet Edward

Now, before you think being at home has already made me go crazy - please note that my plant has been named Edward McConaughey for about 2 years now.  What's amazing is not that Edward is related to the infamous Matthew, but that I've kept a plant alive for 2 years!

First Day

Cue smiling baby... Today is Ana's first day back to work, and at her new job nonetheless! Good luck Ana, you'll do great! Accordingly, today is David's first day at Gradma Johnson's house. As you can see, he's all ready to go. It has been pretty hectic this morning as Ana tries to get out … Continue reading First Day