Unsolicited Delivery

Fedex stopped by my house this morning and dropped off 2 very large boxes and 2 small but heavy boxes, all with my name and address on them.  Hmmm, I didn’t order anything….

I opened them up and discovered two 3000VA, rack-mountable battery backups along with 110lbs of batteries for them.  Neat!

I called up the company, which I had purchased from almost a year to the day, and let them know that someone was probably missing a shipment.  They thanked me and let me know that it was destined for an Eric Johnson in Utah.  Kinda scary their shipping system just matched on name, I wonder who else is getting free toys but not telling anyone about them?

I had to drag the boxes back out to my porch, Fedex is supposed to be by to pick them back up.  They had better be quick or they’ll be covered in snow.






6 responses to “Unsolicited Delivery”

  1. Maria Avatar

    Good thing you are an honest person!! There is big money in batteries!!


  2. EJ Avatar

    Yeah the shipment had a price of $1275 on it.

    I just got a message from them, thanking me again and saying they’re going to send me a free UPS for my troubles. For those interested, the website is http://www.upsforless.com


  3. Bob Avatar

    Honesty has it’s own rewards, but nice to see they appreciate the heads up.


  4. Dave Avatar

    Why would I order anything from them? They’d probably mail it to you.

    (We have the same last name, just spelled differently.)


  5. EJ Avatar

    Precisely why I want you to order from them!


  6. Bob Avatar

    I could have sworn I ordered that 52″ hdtv..


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