Home again

I’m sitting at home right now, in the comfy recliner and taking it very easy. I’m so glad to be out of the hospital, in charge of my own meds and food, and have electricity again. Everything went very well and I wanted to thank everyone for your thoughts and prayers. The surgery went fine (from what I’ve been told since I was asleep), my spleen is gone, and I’m a bit sore but good. They only found one spleen, a good thing, though apparently its not uncommon to have sub-spleens. My platelet levels were at 148,000 this morning, slightly lower than pre-surgery, but still within the normal range. My next follow up is on Monday so hopefully we’ll start to see that number climb. It could take up to 2 weeks for the full effects of the surgery to take place. Being the somewhat unruly patient that I am, I took myself off the ‘liquid’ diet they had me on at breakfast when I ate a banana, Cheerios, and a Burger King Egg and Cheese sandwich. Lunch again, they brought me the liquid food and my Mom brought me a Subway Sandwich (thanks!!). I don’t know how they expected me to be satisfied with fluids only when it had been 31 hours since my last real meal. And on a final note “Condition Brown” means they are turning off the power to anything non-essential so you better have a good book or magazine and be in the bed near the window. Anyway, thanks again for all the love and support, I know that it helped and we are greatful to have so many good friends out there to support us.





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