Does this happen to you?

I’ve noticed this more and more lately.  I’ll be watching tv or listening to the radio (at home, in the car, it doesn’t matter) and I’ll hear two notes that sound exactly like my Instant Messenger notification sound on my computers.  It catches my attention like you wouldn’t believe, and if I’m anywhere remotely close to my computers I’ll start searching for a blinking IM window.  Heck, even when I’m not near a computer it causes me to start looking around for a spit second.

Anyone else have this problem?

5 thoughts on “Does this happen to you?

  1. I think that working from home has you hearing noises. A little Paranoid??
    Just kidding, I always hear sirens on the radio in songs. I then hit the brakes and check the mirrors. (too many tickets!!)


  2. I’m more annoyed by hearing siren sounds on the radio when in the car (either IN music, or does as part of a commercial or promo…) It’s the same sort of issue but now I’m looking around for emergency vehicles and trying to find a good place to pull over.


  3. I have noticed this and I think that it’s advertisers trying to elicit some kind of pavlovian response. It’s the only thing that will really get our attention anymore.

    But yes, I have heard it too.



  4. On 103.7 it happens quite often in the middle of songs. My thought was that the DJs just had IM up on the computer they use and forgot to shut the sound off. Not sure if that’s it, but its definitely odd.


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