Slashdot just posted an article about some new “3D” browser that AT&T is building called Pogo.   Meh.  Big deal.

Why do so many “3D” applications really bring nothing new to the table?   The screenshots for Pogo show a Vista-style “3d-flip” sorta thing, with nothing but the page title and DATE displayed next to it.  Oh boy, that’s useful. 

Sure I’ll try a 3D browser, if maybe it used “3D” for something other than switching between tabs.  Can we not somehow use this capability/”technology” to really bring some more value to the table? The requirements for this new browser are pretty steep, so how about we get something for it?  How about using a “3d” capability to view the history of a page as it has changed over time as you’ve been sitting there on the page?  Hell, I don’t even know if that would be useful.  

Maybe the BLINK tag should be brought back and shown in ultra-cool-3D mode.  That’d be worth it.





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