Great Day

Our day started off by dropping David off at Ana’s parents’ house (thanks Sally!) around 8am followed by a quick drive down to St. Louis for the noon game.  Our seats were just 5 short rows up from the field:

A beautiful day to celebrate our anniversary!

A couple days ago I asked for some dinner suggestions, and thank everyone for their recommendations.  When we got back to the car after the 10th inning victory, we promptly called The Melting Pot to see if they had any early openings for 2 (earlier in the week they were booked, but we were hopeful).  Sure enough, they said we could get in if we could get there at 4:30!  Luckily we were able to navigate through the post-game traffic and showed up right around 4:35.

The Melting Pot – what can I say, other than what a fantastic dinner.  We started off with a pot of melted gouda with a pineapple juice base, peppers, some other things I can’t remember right now, and plenty of bread and vegetables to dip with.  That was followed up with a salad and then the main course, which was a plate FULL of uncooked pork, chicken, beef, and shrimp to be dipped/cooked in a pot of boiling broth.

Dessert was a pot of melted chocolate with a plate of goodies to dip.  It was soooooo good.

The entire dinner experience took right around 2.5 hours, and we both have a wonderful time.  Thanks for the suggestion, Mark.





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