Gas Prices, Twitter, and a Frog

With gas prices continuing to rise, you may be part of the millions of people starting to really watch and track their fuel usage.  Or trying to, at least.   It’s pretty boring and easy to forget to do, isn’t it?

No longer! 

A good friend of mine (college classmate, best man, the list goes on) David Rasch and co. have started a service called FuelFrog to help, and make it fun too.

All you need to do is signup for a FREE FuelFrog account and link it to your Twitter username. Whenever you fill up with gas, send a tweet to @fuelfrog with your miles, price, and gallons, and FuelFrog will add that to your history.  Over time you can login and see the mileage trends.  And that’s just the beginning, more features are on the way – so join the masses and sign up!






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