You can file this under Oops.

At work this morning we came across Adobe’s accidental moratorium on Trial Downloads:

Wow, pretty drastic.  The FAQ reads:

During the month of June 2008, certain product trials that are launched for the first time (regardless of when they were installed) will function for only one day instead of 30 days, due to an error in a line of code that counts down the remaining days in a trial

We were wondering how quickly that guy got fired 🙂  My money is on it being an intern’s fault…






3 responses to “You can file this under Oops.”

  1. Troy Fury Avatar
    Troy Fury

    Sorry everyone. I wrote that erroneous line of code that calculates the days left in a trial download. I accidently applied the modulus of the reciprocal of seconds left in the time span between the first day of Spring and the next leap year’s third Tuesday of March from the length of the vector created by using the current date’s month, day and year components…offset by 8.6.

    In retrospect, you should probably just tryout software that doesn’t require a reboot every 10 minutes because it can’t manage to edit a simple 5 minute movie within the constaints of 4 Gigabytes of memory.


  2. Dave Avatar

    You were an intern once.


  3. EJ Avatar



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