Busy Saturday

Today turned out to be a pretty busy day.  I made a quick trip to Lowes to get a pair of 12' pieces of crown molding to finally finish off David's room.  It has taken entirely too long to get it completed, but I can't exactly be in there with a nailgun while he's sleeping. … Continue reading Busy Saturday


We got out of Chicago much faster and earlier than expected today, so we were able to make it back to Springfield around 9:30 tonight.  I took a few photos of the conference that I'll post, just not right now because my camera is downstairs at the moment.


One more day to go here in Chicago.  I've been here since Wednesday for the eBay Live! conference for work and it has been quite a bit more fun than I expected - albeit exhausting.  I have never attended anything like this, let alone on the exhibitor side of things. Thursday started off with a few … Continue reading Chicago

Java Updates

I swear there's a new Java update every week, tonight I got so mad at the java icon yelling at me in the system tray on my server that I gave in and clicked it so it would go download the latest ultra-important POS updates that are Java. What am I greeted with? I've blogged … Continue reading Java Updates