I guess I shouldn’t have gone to bed at midnight, that would have made the 2am thunderstorm wakeup a lot easier to cope with.   That was one very strong storm, at times sounding like it was going to blow the windows out of the house.

Bonus points though, David didn’t wake up at all during it.

It’s going to be a looooong day.






3 responses to “*YAWN*”

  1. Dave Avatar

    You’re telling me. Thunder/lighting draws the dog up on the bed. Storms stress out doggie, causing him to pant. Large dog panting shakes bed. Wakes me up. Then cannot fall asleep because big hot doggie is laying on/against me, and there’s lots of thunder/lighting.

    Then repeat that cycle every 20 minutes through most of the night.


  2. Teresa Nolting Avatar
    Teresa Nolting

    Well I slept like a log. Did hear anything after I fell asleep around 11 pm. Best nites sleep in a long time for me. lol


  3. Aunt Kath Avatar
    Aunt Kath

    Wait’ll you reach my age–you’ll NEVER sleep.


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