A Break from the Weather

The forecasts for today were pretty bleak, full of severe thunderstorms and just overall nasty weather.  Thankfully, we ended up with a beautiful June evening full of sun, warmth, and a cool breeze.  I was able to take advantage of the respite by spending some time wandering around getting more practice behind my camera.

Here are three of my favorites from tonight, with a few more in gallery:

5 thoughts on “A Break from the Weather

  1. Those are great shots, but I have to wonder why you didn’t spend that beautiful Friday evening at Little Flower’s Heritage Days. It’s never too early for Ana to learn how to play ring toss.


  2. Wow! Fabulous shots! I wonder if I can adapt the rolling farm shot to my 3D program as a background? It would be a challenge to get the lighting sright ince it has very pronounced shadows… What an artist’s eye you have!


  3. I think the soft pretty flowers against the rough rusty fence is priceless. Old & new. That’s the winner!


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