Is SnapTune One Dead?

Since last November, I have been using a piece of software called SnapTune One to use my RadioShark (live AM/FM as well as time-shifting and recording) in Windows Vista; it has worked very, very well.  One of the main features, that I don’t use at all, is the ability to sift through recorded radio and identify songs (names, artists, etc) for you to listen to later – and it works with internet radio stations too.

A couple nights ago, on a whim, I thought I would check for updates to the software and found that their website is no longer functional (  It has been a couple of days so I’m wondering if they’re still even around.  This post even hints at their demise.  Does anyone have any more information about them?

I guess it’s time to head over to to archive the most recent version of the software for my future use. 😦

Edit: Here’s the software on




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