Alan Greenspan, please shut up

Yesterday an article ran in the Financial Times by former Federal Reserve chairman Alan Greenspan.  Nevermind that much of the blame for our current housing situation may rest upon his shoulders, his recent articles (he piped up again a couple weeks ago) have bugged me a bit.   Is it right for the former chairman to be throwing his opinion out there so publicly?  It seems he’s essentially undermining the efforts of the current chairman, Ben Bernanke, every time he opens his mouth.  And since he is the former golden boy, the markets and everyone listens.

Mr. Greenspan – you’re retired. How about being quiet, and showing some respect for the efforts being put forth by Mr. Bernanke?  We don’t see the previous President of the United States playing armchair quarterback, and I don’t think you should either.






2 responses to “Alan Greenspan, please shut up”

  1. Anonymous mother-in-law;( Avatar
    Anonymous mother-in-law;(

    Actually, I was a Greenspan fan. I felt much safer back then. Let him guide all he wants. By the way, Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter keep popping up!


  2. EJ Avatar

    Bill Clinton pops up, but typically directly related to policies and current politics (other than trying to get his wife elected).

    When writing that post, I wanted to say that we don’t have the most recent former Presidents throwing their opinions all over the place, because I had Jimmy Carter’s recent trip in mind. Clinton speaks up every now and again but typically not to undermine the current leader. Greenspan, on the other hand, always seems to pop up a day or two before a Fed meeting.

    Everyone felt much safer back then, but the current housing problem didn’t crop up over night…


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