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Hi everyone, sorry for the blog outage that started around 11am today.   The Comcast borg decided I didn’t need an internet connection and unprovisioned my cable modem.  But that was just the start of things.

As you regulars know, I’ve been very annoyed with Comcast of late – from the flakey internet connection to the more recent unavailability of NBC HD for the Olympics, I’ve lost my patience with their terrible service.   As I mentioned, I had a long chat with their tech support online the other night lodging my complaints.  That resulted in a scheduled appointment for Wednesday morning.

Fast foward to today around 11:15, coincidentally 15 minutes after my internet died, I receive a phone call from someone at “Comcast corporate” inquiring about the case.  She called back shortly thereafter and told me that someone was going to be at the house by 4pm.    In the mean time, I get on the phone with tech support to figure out why my internet dropped and they couldn’t figure it out.

Long story short, the tech shows up and can’t figure out why the HD doesn’t work and ends up calling in two reinforcements.  They end up finding water in the cable box out in the yard and they replace a bad component. Tada, NBC HD!

The first tech tries to leave but I make sure he gets the internet back up and he ends up sitting on the phone for 30 minutes getting things straightened out with the main office so I could get back online.  Whew.

Finally, I’m back online and we’re watching the Olympics in HD glory.

P.S. I took David’s 8 month photos tonight but haven’t gone through them yet.  Hoping to get to that before the night is through.






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  1. ComcastCares1 Avatar

    I apologize for all your troubles. I am happy to know you are now back up and running.

    Please let me know if you need further assistance on this.


    Mark C.
    Comcast Corp.


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