Transpalisades, RIP

Jay and Katherine are finishing up their packing before moving into a new house, and Jay just called to let me know that he powered down his end of the link.   So as of noon today, the Transpalisades network is no more. 

It turned out to be a great network and a fun learning experience, now I need to decide if I want to get on the roof to take the antenna down, replace it with an XM antenna, or what. 

One big downside to it being gone is that Comcast is my only network connection to the outside world.  Before, when it had issues I could simply reroute my internet traffic over to his house and through his internet connection.  Yesterday when I my connection dropped I had no recourse, and it sucked.





4 responses to “Transpalisades, RIP”

  1. Russ Avatar

    Great. Now what am I going to do for internet service?



  2. Dave Avatar

    Crank up the gain on your antenna and point that baby east. I’ll WAN with you again.

    10 9 8 forever!


  3. EJ Avatar

    10 9 8 indeed – I’m on 64 right now.


  4. EJ Avatar

    @Russ: I hear Comcast has excellent service 😉


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