Google SketchUp

My next non-computer project is to design and build a toybox for David.  I’ve put off actually thinking about the plans because I didn’t feel like finding graph paper and a pencil, and I hadn’t really looked for software to assist in the design.

But this afternoon was going a little slow and I ran across Google SketchUp again.  I say again, because I recall hearing about its initial release and trying it out.  I didn’t thing much of it at the time, and promptly forgot all about it.

Little did I know cool and easy to use it is.  I watched a few short tutorial videos and I was up and running.  If you’ve got a need to make to-scale models, you should check it out (it’s free).

Here are a couple initial views of the toybox I’m going to try building, stay tuned!






2 responses to “Google SketchUp”

  1. shoo Avatar

    Cool, yes. Easy, I had a slight learning curve.

    But that was a while back –


  2. EJ Avatar

    Yeah, while my design isn’t very complex, I suspect the video tutorials I watched went a long way toward getting the important basics down.

    It’s definitely an app I’ll keep around and use every once in a while.


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