364 Days Ago

Tonight I fired up Axialis Icon Workshop and thought I'd check for updates since I haven't run it in a while.  After installing the latest version, I looked for any new object packs which are just sets of icon building blocks their software allows you to quickly piece together.  There were two new ones out, … Continue reading 364 Days Ago

8 Months Old!

With just a few minutes to spare, David is 8 months old! View them in Gallery. It was pretty challenging this time, now that he's mobile he doesn't quite sit in one spot very long.  Sure makes lighting difficult 🙂

Blog Outage

Hi everyone, sorry for the blog outage that started around 11am today.   The Comcast borg decided I didn't need an internet connection and unprovisioned my cable modem.  But that was just the start of things. As you regulars know, I've been very annoyed with Comcast of late - from the flakey internet connection to the … Continue reading Blog Outage

Day at the Fair

Today we had such great weather that we decided to head to the 2008 Illinois State Fair with David.  I figured he would only last a short time before getting tired, but instead he had a blast and we were there for nearly 4 hours. Click here for a photo tour of his trip!.