8 Months Old!

With just a few minutes to spare, David is 8 months old! View them in Gallery. It was pretty challenging this time, now that he's mobile he doesn't quite sit in one spot very long.  Sure makes lighting difficult 🙂

Blog Outage

Hi everyone, sorry for the blog outage that started around 11am today.   The Comcast borg decided I didn't need an internet connection and unprovisioned my cable modem.  But that was just the start of things. As you regulars know, I've been very annoyed with Comcast of late - from the flakey internet connection to the … Continue reading Blog Outage

Day at the Fair

Today we had such great weather that we decided to head to the 2008 Illinois State Fair with David.  I figured he would only last a short time before getting tired, but instead he had a blast and we were there for nearly 4 hours. Click here for a photo tour of his trip!.

Yard work

I did some yardwork this morning and made a little platform for the newly completed garden utility box to sit on - level even. Here is it, painted and in its final resting place. Some paint touch-ups are needed for areas not touched during the initial paint spraying. I like it, and Ana has starting … Continue reading Yard work

Shredder Woes

Tonight I was shredding a stack of old papers when my shredder started making a clunking noise every few seconds.  Curious, I just let it go and it got louder and louder until the grinders stopped spinning.  The motor was still going, faster than ever actually, but the grinders sat still. Unable to accept that … Continue reading Shredder Woes