You’ve received a greeting ecard

Has anyone received this email, over and over and over lately?

On normal days, I just delete. But since today is my birthday, I thought I’d download that innocent looking e-card.exe and see just what kind of cool birthday card sent me.

I’m going to be using a VMWare image of Windows Vista Business for this. Warning: do not try this at home.

The first thing I had to do was turn off that pesky Windows Defender. Who wants that getting in the way? Not me!

Next, I opened a browser and downloaded that ever so cool e-card.exe. I wonder how many downloads they have on that file. Here it sits, waiting to be viewed.

Now, before I go and click this thing, I’ll go disable the network connection.

Hmm, another pesky warning when I click on it. Run it already, I clicked didn’t I?!

Well this sure is interesting, it installed an AntiVirus for me!…

I poked around for a little, and this popped up…

Sweet. It’s going to fix my computer for me! Well, almost, this is what happened when I told it to Remove All Threats. To bad I have the network disabled, I won’t be seeing the cool page it was going to show me:

Well, no greeting card to be seen anywhere. But I do have this nice and secure looking icon in the system tray now for Smart Antivirus-2009

Oooh, we’re not done yet, after sitting idle for a little bit I was presented with a chance to activate (and presumably purchase the software). Oh how sorry I feel for anyone that does that.

Ooh, not done yet… man it’s finding things on the computer left and right!

OK, so there you have it. If you’ve ever been curious as to what would happen if you click on that link the email, now you know. DON’T CLICK IT.

Still no greeting card to see. 😦





3 responses to “You’ve received a greeting ecard”

  1. Aunt Kath Avatar
    Aunt Kath



  2. Marie Avatar

    You got SMART Antivirus 2009 and I only got Antivirus 2009 (from a fake Microsoft site). Seriously, excellent review and warnings. That is some very bad stuff.

    Happy Birthday, too!


  3. Eric Hays Avatar
    Eric Hays

    I worked on a computer about a month ago that was running “Vista Antivirus 2008”. Complete reinstall… 😦


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