DNG Codec for Windows Vista

Last night I came across a DNG Codec for Vista by Adobe Labs. If you're wondering what the heck this is, it's software that will allow you to view thumbnail previews of your .DNG (Digital Negative) photos. Pretty handy.

Toy box

A couple weeks ago I used Google SketchUp to layout what I wanted to do for the toy box I wanted to make for David.  Saturday morning we made a quick trip to Lowes to purchase materials and decided to give it a shot. What do you know, it's Sunday evening and the box is … Continue reading Toy box

9 Months Old

Mr. David is 9 months old today! Once again I transformed our family room into our little photo studio to take David's 1st year monthly photos. Once again, it was even more difficult than last time to get him to linger in one area, happily, long enough to get captured by the camera. See them … Continue reading 9 Months Old