Lightroom 2.1

Adobe releaed the much awaited 2.1 update to Lightroom this evening.  I've been using version 2 for a couple months now, and found it to be head and shoulders above version 1.x.  There were definitely performance problems, but once I made a few performance tweaks, it was usable and worth the headache for the new … Continue reading Lightroom 2.1


Springfield had fantastic weather today, so we decided to head to a park.  The leaves are turning and the air is nice and crisp.  Gotta love it. After a while here, we headed to the zoo where David got to ride on a Hippo.  More photos available.

10 Months

Yesterday David turned a whopping 10 months old, so we had our montly photo shoot. As I'm transitioning to my new photo gallery, I'm password protecting some areas.  So, if you'd like to see the full collection - shoot me an email at and I'll grant you access.

He’s All Over

David is mastering his walker (or whatever you call these things) and is all over the place now in it.  Here are a few clips of him gliding through the kitchen.  You'll notice this thing has a predisposition for turning left - I took a look at it and the front wheels are designed that … Continue reading He’s All Over