Productive Weekend

It has been a very productive weekend, and as I sit here on Sunday night I’m beat.

First, we emptied David’s toy box and took it out to the garage so it could get it’s first couple coats of paint.  It looks great already, and Ana still has lots of details planned for it remaining.  Here it is, back in our family room and in use.


I also spent a few hours here and there getting some more work done on the camera cabinet I’m building.  I’ve gotta admit, this is the best project I’ve done so far and I’m really excited to get it done, stained, and filled with my camera equipment.

Here’s the basic case, the top is going to be a long drawer (36 inches) and the bottom is going to be a pair of doors hiding an adjustable shelf.  The plan is to put my camera bags on the bottom, lenses on the adjustable shelf, and camera and accessories in the drawer.


Here’s some detail of the routed and mitered trim base.


And here’s the drawer (minus the face) bottom.


So all that’s remaining is: route and attach trim for the top; mount the drawer and attach the drawer face; make and attach the front doors; attach the back; sand and stain a dark cherry color to match our piano.  So far so good!






2 responses to “Productive Weekend”

  1. Aunt Kath Avatar
    Aunt Kath

    Very impressive, Eric. I wouldn’t even know where to start on something like that–I don’t conceptualize well. But I think you are amazing.
    (But then, I always knew you were!)


  2. EJ Avatar

    Thanks, good thing you don’t see all of the mistakes 🙂


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