To the Zoo!

Given the final arrival of spring (or did we just skip to early summer?), we decided to take a day trip to the St. Louis Zoo.  So after eating breakfast, we loaded up the van and headed south.  Upon arrival, we were greeted by quite a bit of traffic in Forrest Park and lots of … Continue reading To the Zoo!


I don't know what it is, but Ana and I really enjoy flying kites.  Since it was finally warm when Ana and I got off of work, we thought it would be fun to take David to the park and introduce him to a kite the Easter Bunny left for him this year. Beautiful weather, … Continue reading Kites

Trillian Astra

I've been a Trillian user for quite some time, having used one of the first versions in beta form. Sadly, the current version has been showing its age and late last year I was forced to stop using it because it had become unreliable on the Windows Live Messenger platform, which I use for work.  I … Continue reading Trillian Astra

16 Months Old

This morning after searching our house for Easter Eggs and before going to church we decided we'd do a quick David photo shoot.  It had been a while since the "monthly photos" ended, and he was all dressed up for Easter.  As luck would have it, today just happens to be his 16 month birthday too. … Continue reading 16 Months Old

Daily Photo

I've been toying with the idea of doing a Daily Photo.  I've been wanting to spend some more time behind the camera as well as expand my photographic "eye", and a Daily Photo surely would do both.  But can I really commit the energy needed to take 365 disparate photos over the course of a year?  I … Continue reading Daily Photo