Lots of Yardwork

The past couple weekends have been full of yardwork for the Johnsons. Last weekend we purchased and planted a tree out front, and this weekend we’re getting the garden all ready to go for the year. I had a cubic yard of dirt delivered yesterday to top off what went missing from last year (where does it go??). This morning I ran over to Sunbelt Rentals for a tiller and got the dirt all ready for Ana to get things planted. She’s working away on that as I type.

Kudos to Sunbelt Rentals, I was able to submit a reservation online for the tiller while I was still in bed this morning.  Much better than talking to someone on the phone!

Our grass has greened up nicely – due in large part to the first aeration we’ve had done to it (thanks www.trylawns.com), followed by round 1 of Scott’s fertilizer.  And to top it off, Ana’s Azaleas are starting to bloom.


Our neighborhood gets VERY windy, so I followed the advice of a neighbor and tied the tree down.  Rest safe, Springfield, my tree won’t be wandering out of the yard anytime soon.






3 responses to “Lots of Yardwork”

  1. Aunt Kath Avatar
    Aunt Kath

    Yeah, yeah, yeah! SURE the grass is green Now! Just wait till the moles, grubs, slugs and drought of summer!— Let’s hear you brag then, O’ Mr. Miracle Gro.

    (I can’t have a nice lawn to save my soul! The neighborhood is riddled with moles. I swear that every other step you fall into a hole! Just isn’t fair!)


  2. Bob Avatar

    You can always make mole stew. I hear it’s rather tasty, has a sort of earthy flavor. Especially good with fava beans.


  3. Sally Avatar

    Bob, You cracked me up here at work!! It’s really not appropriate for me to laugh out loud in the cardiac recovery room. Oh well, they’re all unconscious anyway. Yum, fava beans!


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