David was all laughs tonight before going to bed.  Here are a couple shots of the tickl-er and tickl-ee   As they say.. "and fun was had by all".


This afternoon, David layed on our floor with a pencil and pad of paper and "drew" for over an hour.  Just quietly flipping pages and drawing all over them.  He even insisted on taking his tools to dinner with us where he continued to scratch his thoughts down.  All-in-all, he spent about 2 hours at … Continue reading Concentration

Happy Birthday Ana!

Today is Ana's 30th birthday!  The day didn't go quite as smooth as she wanted for her birthday (leaving work later than desired, having to get a raincheck for dinner out thanks to David's head-first, running swan dive off of a couch, etc.) but it's looking up!  Here's Mom and son after having enjoyed the birthday cake (made … Continue reading Happy Birthday Ana!