Mark it Down on your Calendars

I just fired up a Mac in the house.


What is the the world coming to?





8 responses to “Mark it Down on your Calendars”

  1. Brandt Avatar

    I’m just curious as to what precipitated this…


    1. EJ Avatar

      The only purpose is for iPhone development. I have no desire to use it for anything else 🙂


  2. John G. Avatar
    John G.

    Isn’t this one of Nostradamus’s quatrains leading to the end of the world?

    “When the man from the fields of maize and loggers who worships at the visions emanating from the land of those who drink the celestial deer is converted by the snake in the Garden of Eden to eat the forbidden apple hence forth the Creator will smite all that he created in a flash of a eternal flame of damnation.”
    which translates to…
    “When Eric (from the Land of Lincoln and corn fields i.e. Springfield) who uses MS Windows (that comes from software written by Star Bucks consumers i.e. MS in Seattle) starts using Mac (Apple and Steve Jobs is in the technical Eden Silicon Valley) a nuclear holocaust will occur.”


  3. John G. Avatar
    John G.

    By the way, Crammer put a price target of $264 on Apple this week, up from $200. Yahoo! (couldn’t resist)

    I use MS, preffer Linux, and own AAPL?


  4. EJ Avatar

    Haha, pretty funny John 🙂


  5. shoo Avatar

    Weird, I just saw my wife cooking in the kitchen with her laptop and thought… I wonder if EJ is cooking up a new iPhone app for his chef program… I think I got my answer.


    1. EJ Avatar

      Yep, there will be an iPhone component to it. I’m just learning right now, but hopefully it won’t be too long before I get going on it for real.


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