Weekend in St. Louis

This past Wednesday I decided it would be fun for us to get out of town for the weekend, so away to St. Louis (Aint Looooois as David says) we went.  Jay and Katherine also came along with us, which was nice since we haven’t seen them too often of late.

We left Springfield Friday evening after work and got to the hotel in downtown St. Louis right around 8pm.  David crashed quickly and we played a card game I was terrible at until it was time to get some sleep. 

After getting some breakfast on Saturday morning we headed over to the City Museum.  Neither Ana or I had ever been there before but have heard lots of great things about it.  Now all I have to say is that we all had a blast and I can’t wait to get back there.  So much fun!

After the museum we had lunch at the delicious Schlafly Tap Room and headed back for a much needed nap.  We wrapped the day up with dinner at the Galleria, an interesting search for a Walgreens, and more card games. 

Today we went up to the top of the Arch and had more good food for lunch before the drive back to Springfield.  David had a blast and it was a nice getaway for all of us.

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  1. Sally Avatar

    What a great time for little boys & big girls too!


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