Pike County Fall Color Drive

This morning we left the house and headed over to Pike County, Illinois for their annual Fall Color Drive.  The drive consists of a collection of small towns in western Illinois playing host to the travelers, with a variety of activities.

The trees have only begun changing colors, so it wasn’t much of a Color Drive.  But it was still fantastic weather and we all had a good time.

The first place we planned on visiting was Time, IL.  A town so small that Motion-X GPS didn’t recognize it (no worries, Google Maps on the iPhone stepped up).  En route to Time, we passed an intersection in Milton, IL which we just couldn’t pass up.

Tractors, old tractors, antique tractors, and more tractors!  We didn’t count but I’d estimate there were at least two and a half dozen on the lot and packed into a couple buildings.

David could hardly contain himself.  I think he sat in a dozen, his butt barely able to stay in a seat for five seconds before seeing the next one he wanted to experience.

And there was a combine he just couldn’t get enough of.  When we told him he had five more minutes and could pick one more to sit on, he immediately went back to it.  I think this picture sums it up.

Here’s what his hands looked like after the tractor jungle.

After starting a day with a bunch of tractors, the rest is sure to be a let-down for a three year old  boy.  But he was a good sport and had a very fun day regardless.

Our next few stops included seeing a set of blacksmiths, a knife maker, plenty of bonfires, and much more.  We ended our westward journey in Hannibal, MO which was having their annual Fall Festival.

After lunch, our trip up too many stairs to count, and the lighthouse, we headed back to Springfield with root beer, cajun roasted peanuts, and a bag full of fudge in hand.

Good times.

I’ve got plenty of photos, which I’ll get edited and posted soon.




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