Corel VideoStudio Pro and QuickTime, a Followup

A couple days ago I posted about problems I’ve run into trying to use the QuickTime files created by my new Canon 7D.

Last night, someone from Corel contacted me with a few questions about the issue.  After some back and forth, it became quite clear that there really shouldn’t be a problem – he was, in fact, running the exact same versions of VideoStudio and QuickTime as I, without issue.

This got me very curious, so I began poking around more.  I ran ProcessMonitor in hopes of finding something out of the ordinary.  With that software running, I went to open a .MOV file, got the error I was looking for, and checked the ProcessMonitor events captured:

That looked curious – the app is presumably calling LoadLibrary on QTCF.dll and Windows is doing its best to locate it and finally gives up.

The Fix

Grasping at straws, I located that QTCF.dll down in C:Program Files (x86)quicktimeqtsystem and copied it into c:Windows.  When I restarted VideoStudio, all of my QuickTime functionality was restored!

So, if you’re one of the people out there that has run into problems getting VideoStudio to view/edit QuickTime .MOV files, you may want to give that a shot.  Hopefully it’ll work for you too.

On a side note, now that I can edit my MOV files directly I’m not sure if I’m comfortable having my videos archived in this format.  .MP4 seems like it might be more durable, years from now.  No?





2 responses to “Corel VideoStudio Pro and QuickTime, a Followup”

  1. Paul Avatar

    I don’t understand why this works but it does. Thanks for posting it!


  2. Lucien Dubois Avatar
    Lucien Dubois

    It works! Thank you!


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