Craft Table (Finally) Complete

It has been over 2 years since I began the project, but tonight we finally moved the completed craft table up to Ana’s sewing room!

IMG_6660 IMG_6651

I started building it in early 2011.  I steadily worked on it nearly every weekend, just a few hours at a time while David was napping or after everyone had gone to bed.  I was making good progress, then had a minor accident.

I was determined to not let that stop me, so I quickly resumed work and made a lot of progress.  And then it sat.  I reached a point where I needed to make doors and drawers, something I hadn’t ever done before and I was very reluctant to start (out of fear of messing it up, I suppose).

It sat for nearly 2 years in the basement.  Every time I passed it, I cringed and was hit with a pang of guilt.  We had Ana’s sewing room all ready for it, but it wasn’t getting finished.

Fast-forward to two months ago, I did a little project making wooden letters for the kids and got the itch to finally give the drawers and doors a shot.

Everything turned out great.  I’m so glad I finally finished it and Ana is excited to finally have it at her disposal.  I think it looks pretty good in that room 🙂





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