Centering a WPF Window in an Outlook 2013 Add-in

I recently came upon the need to show a WPF window in an Outlook add-in, preferably centered on the Outlook window (WindowStartupLocation = CenterInParent).  Easy enough, but without setting Window.Owner, it will appear in an uncontrolled location when calling ShowDialog(). Setting Window.Owner is where things get a little tricky. Searching online produced a few variations … Continue reading Centering a WPF Window in an Outlook 2013 Add-in

Unit Testing

I would love some input on this from you fellow developers out there, as this is something I continue to try and improve on... WARNING, CODE BELOW THE BREAK! (Note, I just realized the inline images here are overlapping like hell. Sorry, I've changed them to also be links you can click to view completely) … Continue reading Unit Testing


I just read David's post on the usage of the word code in the context of software and have to add that, to someone in the field, hearing that usage is akin to fingernails on a chalkboard. This got me thinking about one of my biggest pet peaves in the computer world.  I know that … Continue reading Dey-tuh