MCL Cafeteria

Today is Justin Long’s birthday and as such, he was allowed to select the restaurant for lunch.  It’s Friday and it already ruined my weekend.

My issues:

  1. We had to leave for lunch at 11:10.  That means we were back at 12:10.  That means I have 4+ hours left here at work for the remainder of the day.  Those that know me realize this will probably throw my entire week next week off.
  2. My lunch cost me $10.  It looked, smelled, and tasted like hospital food. 
  3. Due to #2, I’m still hungry.
  4. We passed Panda Express en-route.
  5. I had to watch one food line attendant dump a bucket of meat-tomato-macaroni into another bucket of the same thing, just before selecting my side dishes.
  6. They have food line attendants.
  7. I had two panic attacks during the visit: one while needing to get in line after I caught a glimpse of Today’s Menu; another while viewing #5 above and not seeing any side dish I would want to put into my mouth.  I needed to choose 2.
  8. I had 1 side dish.

Bad day, folks.  Bad Day.